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Modification Service
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Solid Carbide Endmills • Drills including 3xD - 5xD - 8xD
Solid Carbide Threadmills ISO Metric & NPT
Izar HSSCo & Izarmax ASP 52 Endmills • Machine Taps HSSCo & ASP2023
Carbide Rotary Burrs • Collets and Chucks
Modification of Standard Stock Tools
Merlin Tools will modify one of our existing stock tools to
fit the job, if it’s appropriate to do so, saving on the cost
of our full design and manufacture service. Typical cost
effective modifications are radius, chamfer and diameter
adjustments. Call or email our technical team who will be
happy to discuss your options with you.
A full coating service is available to all modified tools.
Radius modification
Chamfer modification
Steps added to standard drills
Profiles added to standard drills
Diameter modifications
Shank reduction
Neck relief
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