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Special Tool Manufacturing Service
Tool Design
Tel: 01509 610300 • Fax: 01509 610400 • Email:
At Merlin Tools we pride ourselves on understanding the
needs of our clients. We know you expect quality and
precision not only from our impressive range of ex stock
tooling but also when you need something special.
Merlin Tools provides a full service capability that is
dedicated to providing you with the highest quality in
precision manufactured cutting tools to meet the most
demanding requirements.
Our bespoke tool manufacturing service builds on this
reputation and provides you with the exacting precision
performance tool tailored for your specific needs.
The tool development process in many ways is straight
forward. The careful and precise interpretation of
the component profile is transferred to CAD where
adjustments can be more easily applied. Our knowledge
of materials, machining speeds and tolerances are
used to calculate a precise cutting profile ready to be
transposed into full CAD simulation.
Component profile drawing
Tool cross section profile
Component Drawing
Tool Drawing
Actual Tool
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