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Our tools are designed using CAD then exported to 3D
simulation software for virtual testing of the grinding
process. Each grinding operation is highlighted in a different
colour to give a full 3D representation of the tool. When the
virtual model is perfected physical prototypes are ground to
perfect the tool prior to full production
Raw Material
All of our tools are manufactured using the highest quality
rawmaterials with 90% tungsten and 10% cobalt micro-grain
K30. The rawmaterial passes through a centreless grinding
system to ensure an exacting tolerance of h6.
The Production System operates utilising simulators and
measuring and grinding equipment to ensure our tools
remain consistent across differing batch dates. The process
starts with cyber grinding in a virtual environment before
a test machine grinding is performed, once the stringent
parameters are met full production is initiated.
Inspection and Quality
Continuous batch testing on all the tools is performed using
state of the art measurement diagnostics machines ensuring
incredibly tight tolerances and products of the highest
quality. A final manual inspection is performed during
cleaning to ensure our tools are 100% quality controlled
We carry an extensive range of tools in stock ensuring a
fast turn around on all orders with same day despatch on
all standard products. Our Tools go through a final visual
inspection before being carefully packed and despatched.
If you have any question regarding the production of our
products please do not hesitate to call the teamat MerlinTools.
Quality • Precision • Performance
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