Design Merlin Tool’s rotary carbide burrs combine time-proven geometries assuring the perfect balance between cutting action and tool life. The “attention-to-detail” includes effective, segmental nose radius designs combined with deeper gullets to maximize tool performance, while low TIR values insure consistently smooth operation and impressive tool life. A full range of qualified, industry-accepted standard shapes for workpiece materials ranging from hardened steels to non-ferrous materials. Brazed Carbide Burrs Induction-brazed shanks are 100% QA tested via computerized “Harmonic Resonance” test equipment to ensure solder-joint integrity prior to grinding finish, along with a sampling of destructive tests during the production process. Raw Material Merlin Tool single-sources both carbide components and steel shanking in order to achieve the most consistent long-term quality objectives. Carbide components are made frommicrograin K-40 grade tungsten that delivers the ideal combination of hardness and shock resistance, whereas all steel shank options are SAE 8740 Alloy steel, hardened to 46-48 Rockwell “C”with a grind finish of Ra 32 or better.” Manufacture The Production System operates utilising simulators and measuring and grinding equipment to ensure our tools remain consistent across differing batch dates. All of Merlin Burrs are produced using C.N.C. “state-of-the-art” grinding machines. Inspection and Quality Continuous batch testing on all the tools is performed using “state-of-the-art” measurement diagnostics machines ensuring incredibly tight tolerances and products of the highest quality. A final manual inspection is performed during cleaning to ensure our tools are 100% quality controlled. Despatch We carry an extensive range of tools in stock ensuring a fast turn around on all orders with same day despatch on all standard products. Our tools go through a final visual inspection before being carefully packed and despatched. If you have any question regarding the production of our products, please do not hesitate to call the teamat MerlinTools. O ur S ervice Quality • Precision • Performance